Hopebeat Weekly: March 27, 2024

The Hope Matrix Podcast is back!

Next week, we launch Season 2 of The Hope Matrix Podcast! If you haven’t heard of it, it’s where we explore the Science, Stories, and Strategies of Hope with activists and experts from around the world. It’s named ‘The Hope Matrix’, as that is how we teach hope; navigating both emotional despair and motivational helplessness (two ingredients of hopelessness) to find our way to positive feelings and inspired actions (two ingredients of hope!).

Check out this Video about The Hope Matrix:

And next week we are so excited to share that Scarlett Lewis, of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement, is our guest!  So be sure to subscribe and stay tuned on our podcast channels at The Hope Matrix Website, Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and Youtube, to get episode updates as we have a host of them ready to launch!

And have someone you think would be just amazing? Feel free to let us know, as we learn about hope from others that have successfully navigated challenges. . It has been so inspiring learning from everyone else about how they applied the Shine Hope framework to their lives. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them.

Our guests are pretty awesome, so be sure to not just listen, but check out all their work. Lots of post traumatic growth in action.

And remember, no matter what life brings….

Keep Shining!

Events and Engagements

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Thoughts from our Program Users

“I love the resources. I love that they are practical and really make hope a science. Thank you for this amazing work you do and for providing these resources. I have been teaching explicitly about hope in my classroom for almost 15 years and these are the first resources that I have found to support that work.”

– Amy B. 4th grade to 9th grade Educator

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Moments of Hope Cards Quotes
Share the gift of hope with our Moments of Hope Cards. These pocket-sized educational cards feature inspiring hope quotes on one side and tips on how to Shine Hope on the other. Give to friends, family members, at work, and in the community. Turn your next moment with another into a Moment of Hope. Get your copies now.

Measure Your Hope
Most people don’t realize there is a Science of Hope. That you can measure it. And through our work, we have shown you can teach it. The first step in understanding your hope, is seeing how hopeful you are. Check out our free validated hope scale today.

Hopeful Cities Activations
Find out which cities are committed to activating Hope and get access to our resources to Shine Hope. Learn more.

Shine Hope Skills Research
Check out the Shine Hope Infographic to start learning the Five Keys to Shine Hope. Once you download, you’ll find clickable links so you can learn more about each of the skills we talk about in the Shine Hope framework. Download your copy.

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