Measure your hope

We ask that you measure your hope, and encourage all those in your community to measure hope, so we can start tracking hopefulness in individuals around the world.

Measure your hope often to see how your score changes over time.

Children'sHope Scale

Adult'sHope Scale

Measure Your Hope

It’s important to measure your hope regularly to monitor your progress in developing hope skills.


What you cannot measure, you cannot improve.

While there are many scales for hope, we use the Children and Adult Snyder Hope Scales to measure hope, as they have been used in many studies on hope.

By taking the Snyder Hope Scale regularly, you can begin to see the link between hope and outcomes in every area of your life.

Hope is a Journey

As you move forward, your hope levels will rise and fall. That’s okay. If you practice your hope skills regularly, no matter how hopeless life seems in the low moments, you will always have a way back to hope.