Expanding Hope: From Workplace to Life Challenges

We are initially focused on the workplace, colleges, healthcare, and athletics, because there is a clear need for more Hope in those areas. We do this through measuring hope, conducting research, consulting, training, marketing activations, licensing courses, and strategizing on culture change. Our long-term aim is to create programming for many different populations, as higher hope is key to preventing anxiety and depression as we go through any major change or challenge.

And we learn best from others, so in our deep dive courses we have both experts and those with ‘lived experience’ (i.e. for the college course, college graduates). So stay tuned for what is next by signing up for our newsletter, or reach out if you want to partner to develop deep dive courses in your specific industry or segment.

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Investing in employee well-being has a high ROI; what studies show hope is teachable.

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Hopelessness is on the rise leading to depression and suicide. COVID-19 has worsened emotional health; 63% of students struggle with anxiety, loneliness, and depression.

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Physical activity releases endorphins, but athletes still face immense pressure leading to mental health issues. Only 10% of college athletes seek help, 35% of elite athletes struggle.

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Hope equips people with the skills necessary to take control of their health and develop trusting relationships with their providers through effective communication.

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