Our workplace activations include the following for hope:

  • Leadership training and management workshops
  • Retail Products and Cause Marketing Campaigns that activate the Shine Hope™ framework on product and support iFred, and our programming with youth for those in underserved communities.
  • Shine Hope brochures
  • Employee activations where we measure hope real-time, and share skills to incorporate the Shine Hope™ framework.
  • Research studies in the workplace on outcomes as it relates to engagement, timeliness, accidents, retention, healthcare costs and more.
  • Hopeful Mindsets Workplace Overview video course bulk license
  • Moments of Hope cards your employees can hand out, to give moments of hope to others.
  • Bulk licensing of all our programs for your entire workforce.
  • Volunteer opportunities for employees for our International Day of Hope.
  • Workplace marketing materials and consulting on creating a culture of hope.
  • PSAs for break rooms
  • Sponsorship opportunities for programs with youth
  • Free Five Day Global Hope Challenge (May 1st)


Want to activate your workplace in one, several, or all of those ways? Get in touch!

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