Hopebeat Weekly: March 20, 2024

Creating Sparks and Shining Hope

Last week we had a great time launching Las Vegas, meeting community leaders and sharing innovative ways to work together to activate youth. PBS Las Vegas did an incredible job showcasing why and how we are activating, you can check it out here:

I want to extend our heartfelt gratitude once again to Dr. Frank Gard Jameson, Mayor Pro Tem Brian Knudsen, the Mayor’s Fund For Las Vegas LIFE, Hope Means Nevada, and Compassionate Las Vegas for their invaluable contributions to bringing the ‘how’ to hope to Las Vegas.

I’m also excited to share that I had the privilege of attending the Disability Rights California (DRC) Gala in Sacramento, alongside esteemed colleagues like Zoya Awan from Walmart and Marisa Hamamoto of Infinite Flow Dance, who also both supported our International Day of Hope last year. I also met Troy Kotsur, the first-ever deaf actor to win an Oscar! It was a truly inspiring evening, filled with powerful connections and a shared dedication to advancing disability rights.

As Marisa Hamamoto beautifully articulated in her recent LinkedIn post, Disability rights are indeed human rights! DRC, designated under federal law to protect and advocate for the rights of Californians with disabilities, is a shining example of an organization that embodies this principle. Their tireless efforts to defend, advance, and strengthen the rights and opportunities of people with disabilities are truly commendable.

At the gala, I had the opportunity to witness firsthand the impact of DRC’s work. Through engaging conversations and heartfelt exchanges, it became clear that we are all part of a larger movement towards a more inclusive, equitable, and just society for individuals with disabilities. Many also don’t realize that depression and anxiety are disabilities, what we often call ‘invisible disabilities’, and as a representative at the World Federation for Mental Health at the United Nations I’m grateful to bring this perspective to these gatherings.

Walmart’s unwavering support as the platinum sponsor of the gala and their vision of “Everyone Included” resonates deeply with our vision and values at The Shine Hope Company, and I can attest to Walmart’s dedication firsthand. They have been a supporter of The Shine Hope Company and are actively activating hope in their workplace. I had the honor of keynoting Walmart’s National Disability Employment Awareness Month event last 2022, and look forward to continuing to elevate the importance of hope and mental health in workplaces around the world.

By fostering a workplace culture where everyone is—and feels—included, Walmart is not only setting an example within their company but also contributing to a broader societal shift towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Thank you to Andy Imparato and Karen Mercado from DRC for inviting us to be a part of this inspiring event. I am truly honored to collaborate with such dedicated individuals and organizations who share our vision of a more inclusive world.

As we continue our journey to #ShineHope and #CreateSparks, let’s build a future where everyone is included, where hope thrives.

Each step we take matters. One day, one college, one city, one workplace, one person, one step, at a time. Much love to you all.

Events and Engagements

Join the largest, most diverse, and polycentric forum of happiness and well-being in the world happening this March 15th to 24th, 2024! Kathryn Goetzke will speak and join the panel on “Bringing Hope: From Collective Trauma to Collective Healing” on Friday, March 22nd, 3:00 PM – 4:00PM, together with Luis Gallardo, Founder & President, World Happiness Foundation, and Dr. Edith Shiro, Board Member, Clinical Psychologist, World Happiness Foundation. Learn more and register today.

Join us TODAY, Wednesday, 20th March 2024, at 4 PM UKT for an inspiring session of AQ MasterMind Series featuring Kathryn Goetzke. This session is a chance to dive deep into the sub-dimension of Hope and uncover its importance as a strategy for resilience and success in the workplace and beyond. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of something truly transformative. Whether you’re a leader, coach, or anyone eager to learn about the dynamics of hope in personal and professional development, this session is for you. Register and join today.

Email activate@theshinehopecompany.com if you’d like to invite us to speak at your event.

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