Hopebeat Weekly: March 13, 2024

Inspiring Hope Activators

Last week, I shared with you the remarkable efforts of organizations dedicated to activating hope and teaching the skills to Shine Hope in their communities. Today, I’m thrilled to spotlight even more inspiring partners and their impactful work. So much happening, and at a time when a lot seems to be wrong with the world, I wanted to highlight a few things that feel right:

City of Las Vegas

We finally created a business model for Hopeful Cities, and Las Vegas joined  Hopeful Cities movement. So grateful to Dr. Frank Gard Jameson, Mayor Pro Tem Brian Knudsen, the Mayor’s Fund For Las Vegas LIFEHope Means Nevada, and Compassionate Las Vegas who all made it happen. There were many compassionate, committed, inspiring individuals representing incredible organizations that are ready and willing and desiring to activate the ‘how’ to hope in their communities. You can read our press release or watch the event’s TV coverage to find out more, and if so inspired, reach out to find out how to bring hope to your city!

If you are a resident of the City of Las Vegas, you can access your city resources to start activating the  Shine Hope in your community here.

Hope Means Nevada

Hope Means Nevada is an organization with a mission to eliminate teen suicide and empower Nevada’s youth to live hopeful lives. They provide information and connections to mental wellness resources to Nevada teens.

Grace Netski, Hope Means Nevada’s Teen Committee Co-Chair, shared a powerful message about hope for teens during the launch of Hopeful Cities in the City of Las Vegas. They just committed to partner with us in spreading and teaching others how to Shine Hope.

Check them out  at hopemeansnevada.org.

Compassionate Las Vegas

Compassionate Las Vegas is a grassroots organization whose mission is to foster the Charter for Compassion and the movement of compassion in the Las Vegas, Nevada area. I’m an alum of their program, and it was fantastic!! I highly encourage you to check them out at www.compassionatelv.org.

As Dr. Frank Gard Jameson says, “Hope and Compassion are the most practical values for creating a better community. They express that when we view the other with compassion we create a hopeful path forward.”

We have been working with Compassionate Las Vegas in sharing resources for others to learn how to Shine Hope.


I had the honor of connecting with the Santa Barbara YouthWell’s Youth Linkages Network Retreat last February 23rd. It was AMAZING! The work they are doing in the community for mental health is beyond compare. I was able to share what I know about the science and power of hope, and how we might cultivate hope for their future.

I’m so grateful to Rachael Steidl, the executive director and founder of YouthWell, and their whole team for this opportunity to teach hope to those working with youth to facilitate stronger referrals for families to mental health services. This includes navigators, family advocates, helpline staff, school counselors, probation officers, and anyone involved in linking families to services. visit YouthWell.org to learn more about their programs and resources.

You can also watch the recording of my talk at YouthWell’s retreat below:

Again, so grateful for these organizations making a positive impact on their communities. We need more of them! If so inspired and want your college, workplace, city, or youth to get activated on Hope, email us at activate@theshinehopecompany.com. If you haven’t yet, check out our books online which are now available for purchase.

Hope is teachable!

Keep Shining,


Kathryn Goetzke, MBA

Events and Engagements

Join the largest, most diverse, and polycentric forum of happiness and well-being in the world happening this March 15th to 24th, 2024! Kathryn Goetzke will speak and join the panel on “Bringing Hope: From Collective Trauma to Collective Healing” on Friday, March 22nd, 3:00 PM – 4:00PM, together with Luis Gallardo, Founder & President, World Happiness Foundation, and Dr. Edith Shiro, Board Member, Clinical Psychologist, World Happiness Foundation. Learn more and register today.

Email activate@theshinehopecompany.com if you’d like to invite us to speak at your event.

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– Jasarah, College Student

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