Hopebeat Weekly: January 4, 2024

Ready to Take Inspired Actions in 2024?

What do you Hope for in 2024?

The “I” in the Five Keys to Shine Hope framework is “Inspired Actions”. It is all about the steps we take that get us where we want in life. Yet setting goals isn’t just about actions, it is about feeling into it, and using our network to get there.

Did you know you are up to 95% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down, and check in with someone regularly about it?

Download the fillable Goal Worksheet

We have a goal-setting process that we share in our Hopeful Mindsets Overview Workbook. You can download the fillable goal worksheet free, and if so inspired take the Hopeful Mindsets Overview Course. It is only $25, and a 90-minute video course that goes through the what, why, and how of hope. It includes the Hope Matrix, the Five Keys to Shine Hope, exercises, reflections, and strategies for cultivating hope in your life, and in the lives of others.

Share with us what goals you have for 2024. You can post them in the comment section of our FB post or IG post.

Wishing you more hope, happiness, and success on your 2024 journey! May all of your hopes come true!

Happy New Year!!!

And no matter what life brings, don’t forget to…


Keep Shining Hope,



Measure Your Hope

Most people don’t realize there is a Science of Hope. That you can measure it. And through our work, we have shown you can teach it. The first step in understanding your hope, is seeing how hopeful you are. And no matter what your score, don’t forget. Hope is a journey. As you move forward in life, your hope levels will rise and fall. That’s okay. If you practice your hope skills regularly, no matter how hopeless life seems in the low moments, you will always have a map to find your way back to hope. Check out our free validated hope scale.

Share the gift of hope with our Moments of Hope Cards. These pocket-sized educational cards feature inspiring hope quotes on one side and tips on how to Shine Hope on the other. Give to friends, family members, at work, and in the community. Turn your next moment with another into a Moment of Hope. Get your copies now.

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