Free Fillable Goal Worksheet

Use this fillable Goal Worksheet regularly in your goal setting process. Feel free to copy and complete for multiple goals, including family, relationships, health, and community. And remember to set some stretch goals, which takes you beyond the SMART process.

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What is a SMART Goal?


Be specific about your goal. Think about these questions when creating your goal: What needs to be accomplished? Who is responsible for it? What steps will you take to achieve it?


Can you measure your progress? If this goal will take a long time to achieve, set shorter term goals to reach along the way.


Are you inspired and motivated to reach your goal? Do you have the tools or skills you need? If not, do you know how you can get them?


Does your goal go along with what you are trying to achieve in the future? Is it important to you? Is it something you care about?


Is your timing realistic? Can you achieve your goal in the time period set? Think about what you may want to achieve at the halfway point.

Hope is a vision for the future, fueled by positive feelings and inspired actions.

Goal setting is an important part of hope. Even if we don’t reach our goals, the simple act of setting the goal and working towards it can help us maintain hope. Therefore, don’t let yourself lose hope if you have to change or update your goals. Check out our Fillable Goal Worksheet.

Subscribe and Download the Fillable Goal Worksheet

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