Hopebeat Weekly: August 8, 2023

Learn the ‘How to Hope’ in 90 Minutes

I just want to personally invite you to take the Hopeful Mindsets Overview Course we just launched, where I share the what, why, and how of hope.

It was so fun to put together, and based on my 20 years in mental health and 10 years of developing the SHINE framework of ‘how’ we hope, and desire to teach others what I was never taught. 

I’ve been lucky to learn from folks like Dr. Myron Belfer, a Harvard Catalyst, who has inspired and taught me so much about hope and Kristy Stark, a trailblazer who presented with me in the Harvard Boardroom on our work on hope. 

It is so fun for me to package up this knowledge in an easy to understand framework for the world.

We all have moments of hopelessness (Yes, it’s true!) throughout the day. Hopelessness is simply emotional despair and motivational helplessness, so sadness / anger / fear, and a sense of powerlessness.

Get an unexpected bill? Cut off in traffic? Partner say something unkind? So many things can cause these moments.

It is how we manage the moments that matter.

Persistent hopelessness is where it becomes a problem, and unfortunately something 57% of teen girls in the US (and 40% of teen boys) are experiencing. And who is teaching them? We are! 

The Hopeful Mindsets Overview Course gives you a baseline understanding of hopelessness and hope, shows how you measure your hope, and teaches you the essential skills to cultivate hope in your life using the SHINE hope framework (Stress Skills, Happiness Habits, Inspired Actions, Nourishing Networks, and Eliminating Challenges) so you can navigate hope in your own life, and teach others.

Hope is not just a wish; it’s a powerful strategy for personal growth and positive change. For you. And all around you.

Watch below video to learn more:

What’s Included in the Course:

  • 📘 Downloadable and Fillable Workbook for practical application 
  • 🎥 90-Minute Video Course covering the what, why, and how of hope 
  • 🔍 Access to Hope Scale and Strengths Finder for self-assessment 
  • 🔑 The Five Keys to SHINE Hope™ for practical implementation 
  • 💡 Strategies to activate hope in your life and community


By taking the course, you are also helping us on our mission. At The Shine Hope Company, we are committed to spreading hope globally. That’s why 10% of your investment to the course goes to iFred, a 501(c)3 organization ensuring all children have access to evidence-based resources for hope. Learn more at www.ifred.org.


👉 Take the course now


Remember, hope is a skill that everyone can learn, and it’s never too late to start.

Thanks for joining me on this mission to ensure all know the ‘how’ to hope. Together, let’s activate hope and inspire positive change in our lives and communities.


Keep Shining Hope,



PS. Consider sharing with family and friends, or even better, doing it with them! We are better together with hope. Sign up to the Hopeful Mindsets Overview Course now: 👉 Sign me up!

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