Hopebeat Weekly: August 15, 2023

Vote for Hope in Motion

We’re reaching out to you with an important request: we need your vote for our panel proposal at SXSW 2024.

Our panel, titled “Hope in Motion: Empowering Communities Through Activation,” aims to make a significant impact by addressing the pressing issue of hopelessness affecting our world today.

Hope is a powerful force that can transform lives and communities, yet nearly 60% of teen girls are affected by hopelessness, especially within marginalized populations.

We are proud to collaborate with esteemed individuals like MaCherie Dunbar, Zoya Rukh Awan, MBA, and Edward M. Barksdale, Jr, MD to present effective strategies for activating hope.

You can see their powerful talks from our International Day of Hope below, where they shared why hope is important to them, and what we must be doing to activate communities. Check out their talks, and if inspired share with others and encourage them to elevate the conversation of hope globally by voting for our SXSW panel.

In this panel, we intend to explore a diverse range of perspectives on how to ignite hope across various communities, including the LGBTQIA community, veterans, inner-city residents, workplaces, and emerging generations.

By delving into the science of hope, measuring audience hope levels, and sharing actionable strategies, we aim to bridge the gap between abstract hope and evidence-based practices.

Why does this matter so much to me? With over 20 years in global mental health and a decade of focus on hope, I’ve personally witnessed the devastating impact of hopelessness.

I tragically lost my father to suicide because we were never taught the ‘how’ of hope. But through our work, we’ve proven that hope can be taught and activated.

My journey from hopelessness to hope has reinforced the urgency to address the global mental health crisis and rising violence rates. Hopelessness is at the core, and teaching the strategies of ‘how’ to hope is our way forward.

SXSW brings together visionaries, changemakers, and influencers who can make a difference. Together, we can combat these challenges by amplifying hope and hope science, but we need your support to make it happen.

Cast your vote now

Your vote means a lot to us, and if you’re inspired, please share this with your network too!

Keep Shining Hope,


PS. Community voting is open until August 20, 2023. Your vote for our panel at SXSW can truly make a difference. Please take a moment to cast your vote now.

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Kathryn Goetzke will be speaking on Day 3 of the Happy Minds Summit, August 30, 2023, on “How To Proactively Manage Hopelessness and Activate Skills to Hope”. All sessions for this day will be available from 11am Eastern time (8am Pacific time). I’m inviting you to be my guest and join me at the Happy Minds Summit. Registrations are now open. Click here to get your complimentary access and register today:

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