Hopebeat Weekly: August 22, 2023

The Second Key to SHINE Hope

Our 2nd Key to Shine Hope is Happiness Habits, and it is easy to stop doing them when we are stressed out. Who has time for happiness when we have pressures of work, school, kids, finances, relationships, and more to manage? Worse, when we experience loss, sometimes the last thing we want to talk about is happiness.

That is certainly what I thought when I lost my dad. I felt guilty. I didn’t want to experience joy. I lost him. The stress hormones took over, and I wasn’t producing the positive hormones we get from these happiness habits as I didn’t feel worthy.

Yet that is the thing, when we go through challenges (like Covid!), we need to be intentional about these habits. We need to do more of them. And we need to encourage others to do the same.

I’m sharing with you a few tools and upcoming events to help you learn about these habits and skills to SHINE Hope:
    • I will be joining 72 amazing speakers in mental wellness, therapy and healing like Steven Hayes, PhD, MD, Maria Sirois Psy.D, MD, Deborah Rozman, PhD, Suzy Green, D.Psyc. PhD, Lucy Hone, PhD, Dan Tomasulo, PhD, Dr Patrick Porter and many more at the Happy Minds Summit, where we talk about these skills.
    • I’ll be speaking on Day 3 of the Summit, August 30, 2023, on How To Proactively Manage Hopelessness and Activate Skills to Hope”. All sessions for this day will be available from 11am Eastern time (8am Pacific time).
    • Registrations are still open for this online event, which starts August 28th– September 7th, 2023.  Learn from other practitioners how to elevate these positive hormones, and create a healthier you.
    •  I’m inviting you to be my guest and join me at the Happy Minds Summit. Click here to get your complimentary ticket and register today.
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    • In addition to the Happy Minds Summit, we also have the Hopeful Mindsets Courses. And what is cool is both Steven Hayes and Dan Tomasulo who are speaking in the Happy Minds Summit are also in our Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus Course! So if you haven’t Check out our college course, please do. 
    • Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus is a 10-week online video course designed to be completed as a class, on an entire campus, or individually.
    • The modules teach students and educators how to proactively manage stress, channel emotions for good, create goals, overcome obstacles, and create a mindset to cultivate hope. You can learn more about the Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus here
    • And if you know a school that might be interested in activating their students, please let us know as we want all college students to be taught these critical skills for ‘how’ to hope.
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We’re working hard at The Shine Hope Company to learn the latest research on hope, and provide tools for you to activate hope in your life. Ideas to make our work better? Please do email me, as I love hearing from you!

Wishing you a fantastic week ahead!


Keep Shining Hope,


Ps. You can learn more about the other keys to Shine Hope on our Hopeful Mindsets courses. Feel free to check it out here.

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