Hopebeat Weekly: August 1, 2023

Powerful Strategies to Activate Hope in Healthcare

I had the best time speaking last week with nurses, administrators, and first responders at the ICAHN Social Determinants of Health Conference in Illinois last week.  What I loved most was being able to measure hope (live!), and collaborating with the audience on Stress Skills and Nourishing Networks. It was an interactive, collaborative discussion and it was so incredibly rewarding.

I shared with them The SHINE Hope framework, a game-changing strategy that nurses can use for themselves and their patients. This evidence-informed approach provides invaluable tools to combat compassion fatigue and foster resilience, and improve hope in the hospital and community. I was able to share our Hopeful Minds and Hopeful Cities resources as well.

Hope provides individuals with the strength and skills to face and overcome challenges. In healthcare, patients often experience setbacks, complications, or chronic conditions. However, hope equips people with the skills necessary to manage the stress,create a plan and take positive actions fueled by a network. 

If you are curious about hope at your company, I’d love to talk about how we measure and activate hope for your colleagues. We now score workplace hope, teach skills, and collaborate on how we can all live with less stress, more happiness, and stronger networks using the shine framework. 

At The Shine Hope Company, we’re dedicated to bringing cost-effective, evidence-informed solutions to individuals, workplace, and communities. Feel free to get in touch with us on our website or email us at activate@theshinehopecompany.com if you want to learn more about activating hope today.


Keep Shining Hope,

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