How to Order for Retailers / Bookstores

IngramSpark is a print-on-demand and distribution service for independent authors and publishers, allowing them to publish and distribute their books to various bookstores, retailers, and libraries. If you are a bookstore, retailer, or library looking to order books from IngramSpark, you can do so by following these general steps:

Create an Account

  • Visit the Ingram Content website (
  • Create an account specific to your business type (retailer, library, etc.). You may need to provide business-related information during registration.

Ingram Content may require some verification to ensure you are a legitimate business or organization.

Order the Books to Sell on your Retail / Book store

Our books are made available on iPage, Ingram’s easy-to-use online search, order, and account management platform for titles.


  • When you find the books you want, add them to your cart just like you would with any online retailer.
  • Proceed to the checkout page to review your order.
  • Provide payment information and complete the purchase.
  • Select your preferred shipping method and enter the shipping address where you want the books to be delivered.
  • Pay for your order, and you will receive an order confirmation.
  • Wait for the books to be shipped to your designated address. 


Upon receiving the books, manage your inventory accordingly, whether for resale in your bookstore or for circulation in your library.

It’s important to note that Ingram Content offers a vast catalog of books from various independent authors and publishers. You can order books in various formats, such as hardcover, paperback, and e-books. Additionally, you can set up ongoing relationships with Ingram Content for continuous ordering and stocking of books as needed.

Keep in mind that specific ordering processes and requirements may vary, so it’s a good idea to contact Ingram Content’s customer support or refer to their official website for the most up-to-date information and any specific guidelines for your type of business or organization.


Ingram Content Ordering Tools Page

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ISBN: 9781954531154

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ISBN: 9781735939544

Hopeful Minds Deep Dive Educator Guide

ISBN: 9781735939506

Hopeful Minds Parent’s Guide

ISBN: 9781735939582

Hopeful Mindsets Overview Workbook

ISBN: 9798988498865

Hopeful Mindsets Workplace Overview Workbook

ISBN: 9781962382991

Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus Coursebook

ISBN: 9798988498810

Hopeful Minds Overview Hopework Book (English Version)

ISBN: 9781735939568

Hopeful Minds Overview Hopework Book (Spanish Version)

ISBN: 9781954531000

Hopeful Minds Deep Dive Hopework Book (English Version)

ISBN: 9781735939520

Hopeful Minds Deep Dive Hopework Book (Spanish Version)

ISBN: 9781954531024

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