Hopebeat Weekly: November 28, 2023

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global movement that harnesses the collective generosity of people worldwide to support their communities. It’s a day when the whole world unites to give back, whether through acts of kindness, gifts of voice, time, talent, or treasure.

At The Shine Hope Company, we are deeply passionate about ensuring that accessible kids’ programming is available to all young minds. Our mission is to provide the essential knowledge of “how” to hope, and our programs and initiatives are geared toward realizing this vision.

We support the International Foundation for Research and Education on Hope (iFred), a 501(c)3 organization established in 2004. iFred is dedicated to teaching hope, shining a positive light on mental health, and ending the stigma around mental illness. 

Together, we are committed to activating hope around the world through various programs:

Hopeful Minds®: Recognized as an innovation by the World Bank, Hopeful Minds curriculums are designed to equip students, teachers, and parents with the tools they need to understand, nurture, and grow hopeful minds. Find out more at Hopeful Minds.

International Day of Hope: This special day is dedicated to celebrating the Science of Hope, ensuring that everyone understands how to proactively manage hopelessness and activate the “how-to” of hope. It’s a day for sharing the science, stories, and strategies of hope, both in our lives and in communities worldwide. Learn more at International Day of Hope.

How You Can Make a Difference

If inspired, I encourage all of you to give, support, and donate in alignment with the spirit of this day. 

Donate to iFred

Your contributions go directly into funding these life-changing programs. Visit iFred’s Donation Page to make a donation.

Every dollar you give is an investment in the hope of future generations. Together, we can expand these programs and teach the ‘how’ to of hope to even more youth around the world.

Short on funds? Consider giving the idea of hope to an educator, police officer, mayor, or Ambassador. There are lots of ways to activate hope, big or small. Even calling a friend to tell them why you are grateful for them is a way to give a moment of hope.

Thank you for being a part of our mission. Your support is so appreciated. In a world where hopelessness abounds, it is through your support we can be the change we want to see.

Happy Giving Tuesday!


Keep Shining Hope,



Measure Your Hope

Most people don’t realize there is a Science of Hope. That you can actually measure it. And through our work, we have shown you can teach it. The first step in understanding your hope, is seeing how hopeful you are. And no matter what your score, don’t forget. Hope is a journey. As you move forward in life, your hope levels will rise and fall. That’s okay. If you practice your hope skills regularly, no matter how hopeless life seems in the low moments, you will always have a map to find your way back to hope. Check out our free validated hope scale.

Activate Hope in Your Community by Purchasing Moment of Hope Cards

Share the gift of hope with our Moments of Hope Cards. These pocket-sized educational cards feature inspiring hope quotes on one side and tips on how to Shine Hope on the other. Give to friends, family members, at work, and in the community. Turn your next moment with another into a Moment of Hope. Get your copies now.

Hopeful Minds Teen Hopeguide

Hope is measurable, and teachable. Tested and approved by teens, the ‘Hopeful Minds for Teens’ program is a 12-module workbook that introduces the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™: Stress Skills, Happiness Habits, Inspired Actions, Nourishing Networks, and Eliminating Challenges. This comprehensive approach empowers teens to navigate challenges, embrace positivity, and empower resilience. Get your copy here.

Wellness Kids Summit

Join our Chief Hope Officer, Kathryn Goetzke, and 43 World Renowned Parenting & Children’s Health Experts at the Wellness Kids Summit! Learn the secrets to raising healthy, resilient, and happy kids who truly thrive. Kathryn will be sharing on Day 5 about the importance of hope and how you can teach it to your kids. Registrations are now open for this no cost online event, which starts December 4th to 8th, 2023. Claim your free ticket here.

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