Hopebeat Weekly: June 27, 2023

Hopelessness Impacts Everyone

I’ve had a number of folks say to me ‘I’m not hopeless, this work doesn’t apply to me’. Yet hopelessness is simply emotional despair (sadness, anger, frustration) and motivational helplessness (powerlessness).

So if you’ve been cut off in traffic, gotten a bad performance review, had your partner say something disrespectful, been given a medical diagnosis, lost someone you loved, gotten an unexpected bill, or even just a parking ticket, you’ve experienced a moment of hopelessness.

It is how you manage that moment that matters.

Do you lash out, internalize, turn to a substance, or do you breathe, say kind things to yourself, and work on how you feel before you act? Do you even recognize these moments of hopelessness? And do you proactively manage them in a way that is helpful, as opposed to harmful, to self and/or others.

Hopelessness doesn’t mean you are suicidal, or violent, self-harming, an addict, depressed or anxious. Yet persistent hopelessness can lead to these negative outcomes if we aren’t careful.

It is why we are so committed to ensuring all know what hopelessness is, and how to activate skills for hope. So we can recognize these moments in ourselves and others, and start supporting others.

I’ve just launched a 90 minute course that helps everyone learn how to identify hopelessness, and start activating skills for hope.

I’d love to have you check it out, and if so inspired, share with others. It is only $25, and allows us to keep doing the work we aim to do in this world.

And from everything I’ve seen and heard, especially with our youth, the world could use a little more ‘how to’ hope.

Keep Shining Hope



PS. I have an invitation for you from one of our amazing team members and our research analyst, Veronica. She is conducting research and is facilitating a free mindfulness meditation training. More details below.

Exciting research opportunity alert! Calling all 18+ individuals! 

Participating in research is crucial as it helps us understand how interventions impact unique populations. Don’t miss out on this amazing chance to receive free mindfulness meditation training, which is one of the Stress Skills we teach about! Join now and be a part of shaping tailored mindfulness interventions.

Hi, my name is Veronica O’Brien, and I am a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Candidate at Georgia Southern University.

I am completing my dissertation on mindfulness and mental health. Participants will complete a four-week asynchronous mindfulness course through an online learning platform and complete surveys each week.

Participants who complete the course will have an opportunity to enter a random drawing for one of twenty $50 gift cards.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please send them my way at vo00807@georgiasouthern.edu. And please feel free to share my flyer.

My project has received IRB approval under the tracking number H23168.


Thank you so much!!


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