Hopebeat Weekly: June 13, 2023

We’re thrilled to share with you some clips, published articles, and other updates on how we are activating Hope in the past weeks. Read on below!

Highlights of The International Day of Hope 2023

On May 1st, in partnership with Walmart, we hosted an incredible group of speakers to advocate for why we need to elevate Hope Science, and make the call for International Day of Hope. It was an awe-inspiring day, with so many incredible stories, great science, and inspiring speakers. We created an under 8 minute recap (major feat!), and encourage you to take a look for the latest and greatest on all things hope.


Strides for Peace Event

We had an incredible time joining the @stridesforpeace and their race against gun violence last June 3rd, 2023 at Grant Park. All got to paint a #ShineHope sunflower mural, talk about solutions, and celebrate community.

As hopelessness is the single predictor of violence, we could not be more grateful and proud to be back in the city to bring solutions. We must be taught what hopelessness is, and how to proactively manage it to get to hope.

Launching of the New The Shine Hope Company Website

We’re so proud to share that the new website of The Shine Hope Company is finally up! Visit our website to learn more about our mission of teaching people around the world to measure, and know the ‘how’ to Hope.

The SHINE Hope Company Activates Workplace Mental Health at SHRM

The Shine Hope Company sets out to activate the Science of Hope in the workplace as an innovative strategy to address mental health at the SHRM Annual Conference & Expo 2023 at The Las Vegas Convention Center, June 11-13. 

Achieving goals is a top priority for any company. Ensuring employees know the what, why, and how to Hope for themselves, their children, and the amazing communities where they work makes both business sense and common sense. Whether it’s through workplace programs, no-cost youth programs, college courses and city programs, The Shine Hope Company will activate the ‘’how’ to Hope on a global scale.

How do you teach kids about hope? - Motherly

We’ve recently published an article on how to teach kids about hope on Motherly. Every mother wants what’s best for her child, but anxiety, depression and loneliness in kids are at an all-time high. Hopelessness is the single consistent predictor of suicidal ideation and completed suicide, which is every parent’s worst nightmare. Hopelessness is also linked to many other negative outcomes, such as mental illness, violence, and chronic health conditions. But how do you give someone hope?

Hope is not merely a wish. It is a powerful concept that involves envisioning a positive future and taking inspired actions to bring that vision to life.

If you’d like to learn more on how you can activate hope in your city, community, workplace, or school, be sure to reach out. We love talking about all things ‘how’ to hope!

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