Hopebeat Weekly: July 11, 2023

Hope as an Innovative Public Health Strategy

Most people don’t think of hope as public health, yet most don’t realize you can measure and teach hope. When I set out to start working on hope in 2004, it was just a hypothesis that you could teach hope. And we did.

What I started to understand was just how powerful hope is in healthcare. There is so much data around health and hope and how hopelessness is learned and impacting the health of our communities with increased violence, addiction, anxiety, and depression. We must work together to reverse this trend.

I’ll be speaking at the ICAHN Social Determinants of Health Conference: 2023 Illinois Landscape on Wednesday, July 26, from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm CST at Erin’s Pavilion, 4965 S. Second Street, Springfield, IL, to share how we are taking a public health approach through our work with Hopeful Cities, Hopeful Minds, Hopeful Mindsets, and the International Day of Hope.

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We were also invited to present next week, from July 19th to 21st, at the 2023 National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media, Atlanta, Georgia. where Veronica is going to share the importance of hope in an era of hopelessness and how to activate hope in schools, cities, colleges, workplaces, and healthcare settings.

Our programs are intended to address negative perceptions of mental health, normalize the experience of emotional despair and helplessness (i.e., hopelessness), and ensure all are equipped with skills to get to hope.

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Join us at the conferences, or share with others you know are attending. Consider connecting with us on Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook to stay up to date on how we are activating communities. To learn more about these skills, check out our newly launched website at The Shine Hope Company. And if so, inspired, reach out for more.

Keep Shining Hope,

Ps. Interested in having someone from our team speak at your event? Reach out to anna@theshinehopecompany.com, and let’s see how we might activate hope at your conference, company, college, or event.

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Hopeful Mindsets Overview is a 90-minute video course that introduces hope and the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™ framework to help you create, maintain, and grow hope in your life.

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Hopeful Mindsets in the Workplace is a 90-minute video course that introduces hope and the Five Keys to SHINE Hope™ framework to help you create, maintain, and grow hope in the workplace.

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Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus is a 10-week course that combines hope science, expert testimonials, and insights from recent college graduates to present the hope skills students need to create, maintain, and grow a hopeful mindset.

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