Hopebeat Weekly: December 14, 2023

Spreading Hope in the Face of Tragedy

Our hearts go out to individuals, families, and the entire community affected by the horrific incident last December 6 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus. It is horrific, and we are grateful that the President of the school, Dr. Keith Whitfield, is such a leader in this time of crisis. There are ample resources for the students and staff to get the support they need to move through the crisis.

It’s crucial to address the root cause of such incidents. Our advisor, Dr. Edward Barksdale, Jr., MD, rightly identifies gun violence as a public health issue driven by hopelessness. So our mission to activate hope becomes even more vital in the face of this tragedy. We firmly believe that with hope, we can contribute to ensuring all have healthier strategies for managing their hopelessness, and even better when taught young.

In times of war, it is especially important to know ‘how’ to hope, as this is often the time we lose all hope. Yet we must never lose hope. It is critical for life. I received this note the other day:

This is why I do the work. There are tragedies everywhere and challenges that we can’t imagine how people overcome. Yet they do. People rise out of extreme poverty. They overcome natural disasters. They get through wars. They establish themselves in new countries. They manage health crises. And I guarantee they do it using the skills we teach in SHINE Hope.

If you want to expand our work with teens, consider purchasing a Teen Hopeguide and give it to a school, classroom, or youth. You can check it out on Amazon for printed copies and on The Shine Hope Store for digital copies.

Our programs and materials are designed to empower individuals to find their way from hopelessness to hope, regardless of the challenges they face. Here are some items you can share or gift to others. Feel free to check or share with anyone you know who may need them.

Let’s come together to activate hope. Take action now. Especially for our youth. Reach out to us at activate@theshinehopecompany.com to explore how our programs and resources can benefit you, your campus, your workplace, your city, or your community. We must not let these tragedies define us.

Much love to you all.


Keep Shining Hope,



Measure Your Hope

Most people don’t realize there is a Science of Hope. That you can actually measure it. And through our work, we have shown you can teach it. The first step in understanding your hope, is seeing how hopeful you are. And no matter what your score, don’t forget. Hope is a journey. As you move forward in life, your hope levels will rise and fall. That’s okay. If you practice your hope skills regularly, no matter how hopeless life seems in the low moments, you will always have a map to find your way back to hope. Check out our free validated hope scale.

Share the gift of hope with our Moments of Hope Cards. These pocket-sized educational cards feature inspiring hope quotes on one side and tips on how to Shine Hope on the other. Give to friends, family members, at work, and in the community. Turn your next moment with another into a Moment of Hope. Get your copies now.

Teen Shine Hope Brochure

Elevate your knowledge of hope with our Teen Shine Hope Brochure. Display it in your waiting room, distribute it at work, give it to teen students, put it in a library, or give it to a friend.  Included are tips on the SHINE Hope framework, and resources that are available to elevate in your life and with others. Get your copy today.

Hopeful Mindsets on the College Campus

Designed to be completed as a class or individually, the Hopeful Mindsets: College Campus is a 10-week course that combines hope science, expert testimonials, and insights from recent college graduates to present the hope skills students need to create, maintain, and grow a hopeful mindset. Take the course now.

Hear What Our Community Is Saying

I really enjoyed my hopeful mindset class experience, it gave me a new way to look at things in addition to helping me recognize my emotions and deal with them in a healthy way without letting them take over my life. Learning about your upstairs and downstairs brian really helped me put things into perspective on anxiety and I’m really grateful I got to take it with me. – Kyrie, College Student


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