Marketing Assistant

Anna Montances

Anna Montances

Anna is the Marketing Assistant of The Shine Hope Company.

With “hope” as one of her top 3 core values from the Strengths Finder, Anna is passionate and committed to the goals of The Shine Hope Company and its programs.

Her abilities in leadership, event planning, integrated marketing, design, and project management have been actively used to support various organizations and school activities ever since she was a student. She currently gives the same abilities to The Shine Hope Company.

Anna received a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication with a Major in Advertising. She qualified for the Top 15 Outstanding Paulinian Students of the Philippines and received a gold medal for leadership.

She worked as an Account Executive for 2 years, handling different marketing projects and corporate events for  different brands including Lenovo and Carrier. She then transitioned to working in the nonprofit industry. She has been working for Hope for more than 6 years now.

She was able to support Kathryn Goetzke, the Chief Hope Officer of The Shine Hope Company and the founder of iFred, in various Hope projects.

Anna works gratefully and joyfully with the team, knowing that what they do positively impacts a lot of people around the world, including herself, her family, and her kids.

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