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Hopeful Mindsets Workplace Overview is a 90-minute course for activating hope in your career.

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The Hopeful Mindsets Workplace Overview is a 90-minute video course that introduces hope and the Five Keys to Shine Hope™ framework to help you create, maintain, and grow hope in the workplace.

We give an overview of the framework, so you can then apply it to your career to activate hope at work.

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The Workplace Overview gives you the tools you need to manage stress, practice happiness habits, take inspired actions, cultivate nourishing networks, and eliminate challenges that get in the way of our ability to hope.

As the course is just a short introduction, it won’t necessarily increase your hope, but it will give you a general sense of hope science and the skills necessary to start activating hope in your life. The course is taught by Kathryn Goetzke, based on her knowledge of mental health, business, hope and her work to date, which has been featured around the world and published. It compiles knowledge she learned from her lived experience, and leading experts on hope, mindset, mental health, stress, positive psychology, business, communications, and more.

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