Hopeful Mindsets

Hopeful Mindsets™ uses our Shine Hope™ framework, based on the work of interdisciplinary experts who specialize in hope , mindset, mental health, stress, positive psychology, business, communications, and more.

Using the Five Keys to Shine Hope™ as a foundation, Hopeful Mindsets takes learning hope a step further, suggesting that using these Five Keys and applying them to any situation can take you from hopelessness to hope.

Hope Score:A Proactive Approach to Mental Health

Hope is an innovative way to address mental health, as it is preventative in nature. Your Hope Score (we use Snyder’s Children and Adult Hope Scale) predicts your future likelihood of anxiety and depression. However, your history of anxiety and depression does not define your future, as you can proactively practice and manage your hope to reduce the likelihood of symptom re-emergence.

Hope:Inspiring Action, Overcoming Despair

Our work is based on Lin Abramson’s definition of hopelessness, which defines hopelessness as both emotional (despair) and motivational (helplessness). That is why, when we teach hope, we emphasize how to move from despair to positive feelings and from helplessness to inspired action.

Shine Hope™:Transformative Framework

Our Founder, Kathryn Goetzke, developed the Five Keys to Shine Hope™ framework based on her own experiences with hopelessness, her 20 years of attending conferences learning from global mental health experts, and her deep desire to help others. Kathryn attended conferences at the World Health Organization, Kennedy Forum, World Bank, United Nations, and more, and conducted focus groups globally to understand the underlying mechanisms needed to grow hope in individuals. Her pilot curriculum, Hopeful Minds, was recognized as an innovation by the World Bank.